Isolating lacquers - Tie coatings

Isolating lacquers - Tie coatings

Isolating lacquers - Tie coatings

Are you interested in priming and protecting the substrates, are you looking for a reputable primer, an insulating paint that fulfils its promise, a wall primer that gets to the bottom of the problem? Welcome to Jansen.

Our product line comprising specialized products for professional painters offers you qualitatively high-value products for insulation and protection from contaminants, such as tar, smoke, soot, fat and nicotine stains; for priming of absorbing substrates, such as wood, gypsum, concrete, and fibre cement as well as for protection from water marks on emulsion coatings.

Regardless of whether you are painting a wooden ceiling or priming the wall, or just need a good primer – you will find what you’re seeking on this page.

Bonding layer for further coatings on zinc, hard PVC, aluminium,anodised aluminium, stainless steel, powder coated and coil coating substrates, copper, hard fib ...

Can be coated over with ISO-TLR Door Lacquer Rapid, filling intermediary coat on wood and primed metal.

On new substrates and old coats, wood (all interior woods and wooden composites), zinc sheet doors and surfaces, hard PVC and Resopal without additional primer.

Covering I - tin system for new and renovation painting of interior wood ceilings made of coniferous, deciduous or tropical wood and wooden composites.

For painting wood and weather-proof wooden materials outdoors subject to hard use, hard PVC and galvanised sheet metal.

For priming of absorbent substrates such as wood, gypsum, wallpaper, styrofoam, glass-fibre fabric and old dispersion coatings.

Isolating and priming coat for wood branch, wax, tar, smoke, carbon black, grease and nicotine stains. Styrofarm is not etched.

Prime and insulating coat for exotic woods, wax, tar, water, smoke, carbon black, grease and nicotine stains.

Quick-drying insulating coating on wood, plaster, concrete, fibre cement, old coatings and wallpaper.

The fast-drying interior wall paint can be applied on portative and dry substrates without priming and insulating.

Isolating lacquers - Tie coatings