Isolating lacquers-Tie coatings

Isolating lacquers-Tie coatings

Isolating lacquers-Tie coatings

Protect your work

You'll have seen this kind of thing before - dark smudges of soot or fat in corners, nicotine deposits on walls and water stains on ceilings. Another problem is show-through of wood components, such as staining agents and preservatives, resins, lipids and minerals.
To remedy this there are sealant paints. They prevent the show-through of such imperfections and also provide an excellent basis for the application of top coats. Use of sealant paints is thus important for any form of renovation work and application of these is essential for priming raw timber, particular oak, Meranti and Bangkirai. Some products even combine sealant, primer and top coat in one.

Good-coverage single-component system for new coats and renovation coats on wooden, plastic and aluminium windows and doors, for dimensionally stable an…

Water-based premium colour and clear lacquer on acrylate base

Premium wooden ceiling paint with outstanding insulating and adhesion properties

Covering I - tin system for new and renovation painting of interior wood ceilings made of coniferous, deciduous or tropical wood and wooden composites.

For painting wood and weather-proof wooden materials outdoors subject to hard use, hard PVC and galvanised sheet metal.

On new substrates and old coats, wood (all interior woods and wooden composites), zinc sheet doors and surfaces, hard PVC and Resopal without additional primer.

Can be coated over with ISO-TLR Door Lacquer Rapid, filling intermediary coat on wood and primed metal.

Adhesion-promoting primary coating with isolating effect for further coatings

Bonding layer for further coatings on zinc, hard PVC, aluminium,anodised aluminium, stainless steel, powder coated and coil coating substrates, copper, …

For priming of absorbent substrates such as wood, gypsum, wallpaper, styrofoam, glass-fibre fabric and old dispersion coatings.

Isolating and priming coat for wood branch, wax, tar, smoke, carbon black, grease and nicotine stains. Styrofarm is not etched.

Quick-drying insulating coating on wood, plaster, concrete, fibre cement, old coatings and wallpaper.

The fast-drying interior wall paint can be applied on portative and dry substrates without priming and insulating.

Undercoat for wood and metal. Wood: only dimensionally stable for exterior. Iron and non-ferrous metals: on pre-primed areas.

For the cleaning of spraying devices used to apply water-soluble emulsions and other sprayable materials.

Primer and top coat for building components of hard PVC for interior and exterior e.g. windows, doors, shutters, gutters, balcony cladding etc

Isolating lacquers-Tie coatings