Glazes-Clear lacquers

Glazes-Clear lacquers

Glazes-Clear lacquers

Sustain value

Wood will be the choice of the future both in contemporary urban architecture and when it comes to renovation. Increasing numbers of clients and architects are favouring this sustainable, organic material. If you ask why this is, the answers will be to the effect that there is not only the comparatively low associated consumption of energy during production but also the ambience and effects that can be created using wood. It is product associated with quality of life.

But wood needs to be thoroughly cared for if it is to retain its appearance. Glazes and paints that protect the material and safeguard it against the weather will get the job done. Assuming they are correctly applied.

New and reparation coatings, exterior, on wooden boarding (wooden cladding), fences, pergolas etc. Impregnating Varnish is particularly suitable for ope…

Thixotropic intermediate coating glaze ready for use for initial and re-coating of raw, weathered, glazed and colourless coated wood surfaces.

Larch wood oil is suitable for dry and stable substrates. The moisture content of the wood must not exceed 18%. Ideal for exterior softwood and pressure…

For all deciduous and coniferous woods such as wooden ceilings, visible roof structures, panels, beams, wood mouldings, floor boards, tables, benches, c…

Prime and top coat for all wooden elements (wooden houses, pergolas, boardings, fences, windows and external doors)

For new and renovation coatings of parquet and wooden floors in living areas with normal stress, for interior wooden components such as wooden ceilings …

Sealing on cork floors, wooden stairs and wood furniture

Weather- and water resistant clear varnish on wood such as on wooden boats (above the waterline), garden furniture etc., highly stressed wood.

Glazes-Clear lacquers