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Painted markings help us find our bearings, can be used to define specific areas, draw our attention to obstacles and can even save lives. They always have a purpose.

They must have certain properties if they are to do their jobs correctly. For example, road markings must be particularly resilient. Outdoors where it can rain they need to be slip-resistant. And in stairwells and emergency escape routes they need to be clearly visible at all times, even in poor light conditions.

Jansen has a range of special marking paints that meet all the diverse requirements for use in this connection. Our paints are designed to precisely conform to the needs of the situation. They are trendsetters when it comes to doing the job.

Water-based marking paint for use for marking pathways, parking spaces, safety and logistics sites, prohibited excess areas and danger symbols.

For permanent marking of lines and markings on bituminous sur-faces (asphalt concrete), concrete surfaces (cement surfaces) such as streets, car parks, …

Street marking on bituminous surfaces (mastic asphalt, asphalt concrete), concrete paving (cement concrete) as streets, car parks entrances etc.

For thinning of traffic paints and for cleansing.

To improve reflection at night and the grip of marking paints, aggregate (mixture of reflective glass beads and gripping agent) is scattered into the co…

For permanent marking of lines and markings on bituminous surfaces (asphalt concrete), concrete surfaces (cement surfaces), such as streets, car parks e…

Marking applicator for comfortable and precis spray marking with 1 or 2 cans, thus able to cover yellow lines in one pass.

Marking applicator for comfortable and precise spray marking with 2 cans.

The Afterglow Dispersion System is used for the fixing of optical safety systems and as guidance system for escape and rescue markings (e.g. in staircas…

Daylight Luminous Paints can be employed in all places where an unsurpassable colour effect and better visibility of objects by means of safety markings…

The Street Tattoos feature a durability 3 to 4 times longer in comparison to conventional marking colours and have a notably better adhesion

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