Office Paints

Office Paints

Office Paints

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Ideas need space and  a 'clean slate' to develop. This applies just as much to the R&D sections of international concerns and creative zones in kindergartens, schools, universities and at home.

With the Jansen office paint range you can transform a whole wall into somewhere you can try out ideas! The colours will bend happily with any decor and will provide an elegant, functional surface that can serve as a projection screen, a magnet board or even a whiteboard! Convert any wall into a memory board for creative thinkers, planners and researchers.

For new coating of smooth walls, chipboard, MDF boards and multi-layer boards

Aqua 2-Component Whiteboard Paint is ideal for creating a presenta-ion area in offices, classrooms, meeting and training rooms. It can also be a helpful…

Can be used anywhere inside where a smooth substrate is to become a magnetic board surface.

For general interior use where a smooth substrate is needed for magnetic boards.

Your own pin board or bulletin board to use at home (office, kitchen, children’s room, etc.) or in professional environments such as offices, scho…

The Aqua Projection lacquer is a water-dilutable special paint for the creation of quality projection surfaces on smooth substrates such as plaster, con…

On the coated surfaces: Jansen Magnetic discs, Jansen Magnetic fleece and Jansen Magnetic paint.

Marker for using on surfaces coated with Jansen Aqua 2-component whiteboard paint

Office Paints