Sprint 5

Sprint 5


Quick-drying insulating coating on wood, plaster, concrete, fibre cement, old coatings and wallpaper. Insulates blood, children's make-up, lipstick, wax crayons, coloured pencils (Edding), dried water stains, wax, tar, smoke, soot, grease and nicotine stains. Can also be used to coat professionally pretreated spots of mildew. Styrofoam is not dissolved.

Product properties

Can be painted over after 5 minutes, low odour, low spray (little overspray), very good insulating and sealing effect. High covering capacity. Thanks to the latest spray-head technology, both spot and area spraying is possible.


(23 °C 60 % relative humidity)
Can be painted after 5 minutes. Drying time between the individual layers: 5 minutes

Spreading rate

400 ml: 1.5 - 2 m² / per can with one spray cycle

Type of application

Spraying (several thin coatings)



Field of application

Exterior and interior

Package size

Spray can: 400 ml