Due to the natural disaster, which has hit us as a company and especially our employees and their families very hard, you can contact us only to a very limited extent until further notice.

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Think multicoloured

Think multicoloured

Genuine innovations will solve real problems and change working methods and paradigms. They will set the standards needed to develop a future. We actually set such a standard with the Ahrweilit® Filler about 100 years ago. Our solutions to the insulation of substrates, the coating of floors and marking surfaces and our creative paints, office paints and other special lacquers are setting the standards of today. 

We have always attached great importance to solid research and development – with a clear focus on the painter’s concrete applications. The most important building block of our results is the close and cooperative dialogue with painters, dealers and raw material partners. This is the only way allowing us to test, often exclusively, new primary materials in our own laboratories and to formulate concrete, marketable solutions. 

Breaking away from existing paradigms and routines and probing the tested and proven. Listening, observing and testing. These are the tools we deploy to understand problems and to develop new ideas. Many will call this Design Thinking. We say simply: Think multicoloured!