ISO-HDF Wood ceiling paint

ISO-HDF Wood ceiling paint


Covering I-tin system for new and renovation painting of interior wooden ceilings made of coniferous, deciduous or tropical wood and wooden composites such as chipboard, OSB boards, MDF boards, as well as laminated an veneered decorative boards.

Product properties

Water-based, odourless, with good insulating and sealing effect. Excellent adhesion. Good coverage, high whiteness. Insulates wooden components in coniferous, deciduous and tropical woods. Blocks breakdowns in the case of stains with wax, tar, smoke, carbon black, grease and nicotine as well as dried water spots. Water stains and veneering glues may contain ingredients such as dyes which cannot be isolated with a water-dilutable system such as ISO-HDF.

Binder base

Cationic dispersion

Degree of gloss

Silk-gloss and matt


(23 °C 60 % rel. air humidity)
Dust-dry: ca. 30 minutes; Touch-dry: ca. 90 minutes; 2nd coat after 5-6 hours. Air humidity above 80 % considerably extends the drying period. It must be ensured that the evaporating water is able to quickly exit the room. Coatings which remain wet too long can still draw substances out of the substrate.

Spreading rate

Approx. 8 – 12 m²/l per coat

Type of application

Brush: Use brush with synthetic bristles. Roller: Use roller with short-pile mohair roller. Spray: Dilute with max. 10 % water.



Field of application


Package size

750 ml, 2,5 l, 5,0 l

Consumption Calculator

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Average coverage per coat:

Please note the specific weight for kg filling. The information on the specific weight can be found in the technical data sheet under "Density". The consumption values are approximate values and may vary depending on the nature of the substrate.