Seeing the bigger picture

Seeing the bigger picture

Our good relations with our staff, the neighbours, the local district and city authorities and with schools, associations and societies are important to us. The central topics here are environmental protection, social responsibility and involvement. We aim to live up to the significance this area occupies in our company, within the framework of our location marketing. 

We are one of a few industrial employers in an environment otherwise characterised by tourism. Residential development has over time moved ever closer to the company. Trust in the safety of our production facilities and in the impact of our environmental activities is of paramount importance in such a closely-knit neighbourhood. We are paying close attention to topics such as soil, water and energy in this respect.

Every company needs healthy employees in all age groups, capable of working under pressure. Our in-house health management system therefore offers a multi-faceted programme focusing on safety at work, exercise and nutrition. Examinations of occupational health, risk analyses, posture and health days are on a regular schedule.

Team spirit
Strengthening our togetherness is our special concern. This is why we will meet regularly, also outside working hours or company premises. The Summer festival is a fixture already, affectionately organised for the staff by the works committee. Good food and drinks, conversation, playing and dancing are as much order of the day as are tributes to our long-serving members of staff. Fervent jogging colleagues will meet every Wednesday afternoon for a run through the countryside together.

Jansen – at home on the Ahr
We enjoy seeing the bigger picture and demonstrating our closeness with the region in which we live and work, with our creed: “Jansen – at home on the Ahr”. We also organise work visits and participate in school, sport and cultural events. Local aid projects are also supported: We make donations to "Nachbar in Not e.V", a self-help facility for citizens of the Ahrweiler region. We raise funds for the “Ahrweiler Tafel”, organised under the umbrella of the Ahrweiler Caritas branch. We run for the Kreuzbund group, offering support to addicts, also in the Ahrweiler region. We play football for the Bunter Kreis e.V., assisting families to cope with everyday care of a seriously ill child, also in the Rheinland. We integrate people with disabilities by making an external workstation available to the Caritas workshops XTERN. We offer practical day courses within the framework of the “Your day for Africa” campaign, supporting scholars in their social commitment.

The company received the honorary award of the Ahrweiler district in 2016 for its social involvement in the Ahrweiler region.