Due to the natural disaster, which has hit us as a company and especially our employees and their families very hard, you can contact us only to a very limited extent until further notice.

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Responsible Care®

Responsible Care®

Responsible Care is a global initiative of the chemical industry within which companies are obliged to act responsibly with regard to the environment, safety and health, above and beyond the legal requirements. In Germany, the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI) is leading the initiative.

In our company we are committed to Responsible Care through the implementation of concrete measures which are required under the initiative. These mainly include environmental and work-safety-related developments in the production areas, and health-related measures throughout the company.

We participate annually in the VCI’s Responsible Care data collection. The data from all German member companies appears annually in the Responsible Care report. This report is also available to the general public.

For more informationation on the initiative please click here.