2023 April
Jansen is now bringing the new, ground-breaking surface technology to the world of adhesive, insulating coatings. The Aqua ULTRA primer offers maximum adhesion with insulating properties – even on challenging surfaces and over large areas.
2023 January
Thanks to the new ISO-TPL Stair and Parquet Lacquer and its advanced technology, Jansen offers the right answer for high-quality wooden surfaces that can be varnished a second time after just 3-4 hours. This means that a painter can complete the project in a single day.
2022 July
On the first anniversary of the flood (14 July 2022), Jansen is bringing its innovative ISO-HDF PRO Wood Ceiling Paint back to the market. This paint has been Jansen’s strongest product for years, and the recipe has been radically rethought. The surface finish and build quality are at a whole new level. ISO-HDF PRO can now also be used for damp rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens and even for wall panelling.
2022 June
“Yes, we're filling in the factory again,” Jansen proudly states – almost a year after the flood disaster. What began 100 years ago with the first batch of Ahrweilit® filler is returning to the marketplace – to the delight of painting and coating specialists everywhere. “This product is the first in the series that we can produce here at the plant after the flood on 14 July 2021. And we always want to remember that. And that's why it's now called Ahrweilit® NO.1”, explains Alexandra Bardjasteh, on behalf of the family business.
2021 July
The flood in the Ahr Valley on the 14th and 15th of July also impacted the Jansen premises. Together with many volunteers from near and far, Jansen is working to repair the massive damage. To this end, the company is considering the options for its continued existence.
Jansen is expanding its range of coatings. The new Protect Gel, a film-forming, intermediate-layer glaze with micronized iron oxide pigments and optimal thixotropy, offers the perfect UV protection for the long term. The product not only ensures considerably longer intervals between renovations and touch-ups, but also allows almost drip-free overhead work.
Jansen also entered the marking products market. The water-based single-component marking paint Sprint-Line can be painted over after 1-2 hours and can quickly be put to use. After only 12 hours, it's back to business as usual the next morning. Annoying waiting times and long, expensive production interruptions, e.g. in the factory halls of logistics companies, are a thing of the past.

With its innovative product Sprint 5, Jansen launches an isolation primer spray that has undergone a radical redesign: it can be painted over just 5 minutes after application, is low on odour, produces minimal spray mist and has good isolating and sealing properties together with high opacity. Also new is the practical 150 ml spray can. It fits in every decorator's tool box and will thus always be ready to hand.

Jansen introduces its single component Aqua Metal Protection 3 in 1 that securely adheres to problematic metal substrates such as coil coating, powder coatings and fire doors. Not only that, but it also protects against corrosion. The product can be applied using a brush, roller or spray gun. It can be used as needed in undiluted and diluted form; the particular advantage is that there is no difference with regard to finish characteristics in terms of gloss grade and colour tone, irrespective of the method used for application. This is particularly important in the case of doors as paints are often applied to trims using a roller while door panels are painted using a spray gun.

Jansen celebrates its 140th anniversary with an "Open Day". Neighbours, former employees, schools, representatives of the local authorities and the press are invited to come and see what the company gets up to on site. Among its product range, Jansen places an emphasis on the continued development of its wood protection line. The products Vario Solid Deck and Superior Wax are launched on the market. In addition, Jansen's Ultra Primer bonding agent is the centre of attention.

Jansen gains a footing in the Austrian market. The newly established marketing company Jansen GmbH is based in Vienna.

The product innovations ISO-TLR Door lacquer Rapid and Aqua Wall tile lacquer were introduced at the “Farbe, Ausbau und Fassade” [façade design & interior architecture] trade fair in Munich. Jansen also presents the new Office paints field of business, launching the Aqua 2-component whiteboard paint, the Aqua blackboard lacquer and the magnetic fleece. This range will be extended in autumn, with the introduction to the market of Aqua Magnetic paint and Aqua Projection lacquer.

From 2015 most Jansen special painter products can be mixed in a separate mixing machine in many of shades.

The range of insulating coatings is expanded to include Jansen ISO-WSF Wetterschutzfarbe. ISO-WSF both isolates and covers as a 2-in-1 system for outdoor use.
For the first time in company history, a patent is filed for a product made by Jansen. Jansen Aqua blackboard paint is the first colourless one-component blackboard paint, with which walls and smooth surfaces can be written on with school chalk.

Just in time for the exhibition "Colors, extension and facade" in Cologne, the product Jansen ISO-HDF is placed on the market. Jansen ISO-HDF is a 2-in-1 Aqua wood-ceiling paint for interior use, which both isolates and serves as a topcoat.

The marking products business is continuously being expanded, and is boosted with the introduction of "Jansen Street Tattoos“.

Following a strategic realignment, the development and marketing of niche products under the term "Jansen Painter special products", sold via specialized wholesale trade to the professional user, becomes the focus of business activities.

As one of the first manufacturers, Jansen launches a water-dilutable thick protective coating with micaceous iron, branded ‘Metallon’, onto the market. This product is the starting point for an expanded assortment of modern metal-protection and metallic-effect paints.

2006 bis 2008
Legal regulations call for a fundamental change in the formulations, according to the new ChemVOCFarbV. The aim is to dramatically reduce the proportion of organic solvent in the alkyd resin varnish, without compromising the quality.

The acquisition of the business unit ‘Isoliergründe’ under the paint factory Müller’s brand "Crystal Isolit" is the starting point of a growing assortment of primers and 2-in-1 coating systems based on water for the isolation of woods, nicotine and other water-soluble substances, which can lead to discoloration.

The 125-year anniversary is celebrated in style. More than 1,000 visitors are present. With numerous campaigns, the company Jansen emphasizes its bond with Ahrweiler and the region.

Käthe Wagner, daughter of Peter A. Jansen, who gave his name to the company, dies at the age of 88. She leaves her three daughters, Astrid Leu, Ingrid Mayer and Margit Vienna a healthy company. The family company continues under its third generation.

Outstanding quality must also be reflected in the appearance of products. This realization leads to the fundamental readjustment of the layout. All packaging for tins, and sales materials including the website are adapted according to the new guidelines.

As part of the ongoing debate about safety in enterprises of the chemical industry, it is made possible to check and certify processes and environmental standards. The company Jansen undergoes the inspection and obtains the coveted Eco Audit Certificate.

The Ahrweilit filler celebrates its 75th anniversary. The event is recognized through numerous sales campaigns.

Acquisition of the internet domain As a result, the company Jansen is already present in the World Wide Web right from the beginning of the internet age.

In the large companies of the chemical industry, numerous accidents with pollutant discharge occur. As a result, the environmental protection laws and regulations are adjusted. The company Jansen adopts its integrated manual for the organization of environmental protection and employee health and safety.

With the acquisition of domestic and foreign filler-buying customers of the paint factory Wolters, and the purchasing of the brand "Bolivia", the varnish filler segment is strengthened in the product portfolio of the Jansen company.

Based on solid economic and technological foundations, the shareholders, management and staff look forward to the second century of the Jansen paint factory’s existence with hope and confidence.
The mid 70s
The extractive industry provides binders based on acrylate. The company Jansen develops early formulations on an environmentally-friendly basis.

To conform with the trademark enforced in the industry, the company operates under the name PA Jansen GmbH u. Co., KG.

With the alignment of the status of blue-collar workers with that of white-collar employees, all workers with 15 years service are entered into the factory employees group. In order to further social protection of the workforce, a comprehensive pension plan with life insurance is created.

With the death of Peter Jansen, his shares are transferred to his daughter Kate Wagner. In the meantime, Kate Wagner takes her own three daughters as limited partners in the family business. The continued rise in sales of Jansen products requires a renewed expansion of the  factory site and the establishment of additional factory buildings and production facilities.

Although the Jansen Ahrweilit filler had already found lovers in neighbouring countries, the newly established export department ensures the sustainable expansion of the sales of Jansen products abroad.

With the conversion of the one-man company into a family company, Peter Jansen takes his daughter Käthe Wagner as a limited partner in the company. The newly founded Ahr-Chemie GmbH then becomes a general partner in the company. The society is supported by an advisory board.

Out of social responsibility towards his workforce, Peter Jansen establishes the benevolent fund of the paint factory P.A. Jansen e.V.
This union, supported by the company, has considerable financial resources, from which many former employees or their relatives are currently reaping the benefits.

After overcoming the difficulties of the war and postwar turmoil, the company expands its distribution network to the entire Federal Republic. In the laboratories, coatings for industrial applications are developed in addition to house paints. The rapid expansion of the factory facilities leads to more Jansen products coming into the market.

The name "Ahrweilit" is registered with the German Patent Office as a trademark. Under this trademark, the "Ahrweiler Filler", as it is known in professional circles, acquires a reputation for being a top product in professional filler technology. In addition to this Jansen speciality, the other Jansen paints have since then secured a permanent place in paint stores and in the painting trade as high-quality decorative paints.

After a sharp fall in production due to the difficulty of raw material procurement during the First World War, Peter Jansen acquires the factory property. Determined, he builds the company, operated under the company name “Wirz Successor Peter A. Jansen” into a powerful paint industry factory.

On part of the current factory site, known at this time as the "Green Way", Wilhelm Wirz begins to produce paints, varnishes and dry colours.    In the first decades, the inadequate road conditions in rural areas limit business substantially to the former Rhine province region.