Street Tattoo

Street Tattoo


For permanent marking on bituminous surfaces (mastic asphalt, asphalt concrete), concrete surfaces (cement surfaces) such as streets, car parks, entrances etc. as well as for mineral substrates.

Not suitable for natural stone floors, granite and cobblestones, as well as for floors coated with synthetic resin and for localities where naked flames are not desired. Apply only to horizontal surfaces as the material becomes relatively fluid on exposure to high temperatures.

Old markings to be removed by means of appropriate procedures.

Product properties

The Street Tattoo is quickly and easily laid with minimal personnel and technical effort by using a blowtorch. The fast drive-over stability is ensured due to the short drying times. Due to the high share of glass beads, there is a good retroreflection. The product is resistant against frost, snow, salt and oil, and offers a high wear-resistance.

The preformed thermoplastic marking is environmentally-friendly without any harmful substances, self-cleaning by means of over-roll and rainfall.

Important note: from 1 October to 31 March, inclusiv, due to the temperature and weather fluctuations we do not assume any liability for the laying of street tattoos.