Afterglow Dispersion System

Afterglow Dispersion System


The Afterglow Dispersion System is used for the fixing of optical safety systems and as guidance system for escape and rescue markings (e.g. in staircases, underground garages etc.). Suitable for bituminous surfaces (mastic asphalt, asphalt concrete) and concrete surfaces (cement surfaces). Not suitable for synthetic resin surfaces, paving surfaces (natural stone, cast stone and composite stone paving) and extensive markings. As a floor marking, only to be used in passable areas and not in areas fit for traffic.

Product properties

The coating is water-dilutable and phosphorescent. The Afterglow Dispersion, which is furnished with special pigments, possesses the property of being able to emit light for some time during dark-ness by means of exposure (stimulation). The stimulation of the Afterglow Dispersion can occur by means of UV-radiation, as well as daylight or artificial light. In order to achieve a high functionality of the Afterglow System, a strong light source should be installed close to the safety marking.


See technical data in the Technical Datasheet.

Spreading rate

See technical data in the Technical Datasheet.

Type of application

The Afterglow Dispersion System can be applied by machine with commercially available marking applicators (airless resp. atomizer technology) or manually with a hand-held spray gun resp. a lambs-skin roller.


Prime coat for Afterglow Dispersion: White; afterglow Dispersion: Yellow-green; UV Clear Varnish for Afterglow Dispersion: Colourless.

Field of application

Exterior, interior

Package size

1 l, 5 l