Daylight Luminous Paint System

Daylight Luminous Paint System


Daylight Luminous Paints can be employed in all places where an unsurpassable colour effect and better visibility of objects by means of safety markings is required.

Product properties

Coating contains solvents and is fluorescent. In the case of fluorescent coatings, energy is absorbed from the spectrum of the short-wave light and is converted into visible light. This additional light, combined with the colour perception, is the basis for the high luminosity.

Binder base

1. Coat: depending on product (see Technical Data Sheet)
2. Coat: 1-component solvent-containing acrylate
3. Coat: 1-component solvent-containing acrylate


1. Coat: see Technical Data Sheet. 2. Coat: 10-25 minutes/per coat. 3. Coat: 10-15 minutes/per Coat. Passable after 2 hours.

Spreading rate

1. Coat: see Technical Data Sheet
2. Coat: 100 ml/m² per coat
3. Coat: 60 – 100 ml/m² per coat

Type of application

Brush, roller, spray


Luminous yellow (ca. RAL 1026), Luminous orange (ca. RAL 2005), Luminous red (ca. RAL 3024), Luminous blue (ca. RAL 5005), Luminous green (ca. RAL 6038)

Field of application

Exterior, interior

Package size

1 l, 2,5 l