2-Component Marking Paint

2-Component Marking Paint


For permanent marking of lines and markings on bituminous sur-faces (asphalt concrete), concrete surfaces (cement surfaces) such as streets, car parks, entrances etc. as well as for safety markings.

Product properties

Low odour. The coatings are very durable and “fork-lift resistant”. Resistant against petrol, motor oil and de-icing salt.

Ground markings with 2-Component Marking Paint are distin-guished by the following characteristics:

.Low tendency to soil
.Easy to clean and maintain
.Due to their chemical cross-linking, the coatings are insensitive to components of car tyres
.Slip resistance class 11 is achieved by adding Additive R (see Technical Manual)

Limitation: Routes which are frequented by low lift platform trucks (steel rollers).

Binder base

Water-emulsified 2-component epoxy resin (contains no organic solvents).


At + 20 ° C, a light mechanical load is possible after overnight drying. The full loading capacity of the surface is achieved after 7 days.

Spreading rate

Ca. 180 - 220 g/m² per coat. Higher consumption leads to disturbances in reaction and differences in shade.

Type of application

Brush, roller


White, Traffic yellow RAL 1023; miscible with the tinting machine Jansen MIX

Field of application

Exterior, interior

Package size

1 kg (800 g base lacquer + 200 g hardener)
5 kg (4 kg base lacquer + 1 kg hardener)