Single-pot system for use for marking pathways, parking spaces, safety and logistics sites, prohibited excess areas and danger symbols on bituminous surfaces (mastic asphalt and asphalt concrete), concrete surfaces (cement flooring and paving stones) and already coated surfaces (e.g. with water-based epoxy and PUR coatings) in indoor areas. This marking paint is particularly suitable for use on production hall flooring subject to moderate stress where the factors of rapid drying (dry underfoot after at least 12 hours) and odour-neutrality are considered particularly important. As the product is water-based, it can readily be used in more sensitive areas. Application of a top coat of colourless glaze is not necessary if Sprint-Line is used. Thanks to the presence of additive R (see Technical Bulletin) this product has an R11 anti slip rating.

Product properties

Sprint-Line is characterised by rapid drying, meaning that it can be applied twice daily (with 1 - 2 hours between coats) and is dry underfoot after drying overnight (for at least 12 hours). Markings made using Sprint-Line are resilient, forklift proof and can be readily cleaned. When used in outdoor areas, the visibility of Sprint-Line markings can be increased by addition of Jansen scattering reflective beads.

Binder base

Special acrylate

Degree of gloss



(23°C 60 % rel. humidity) Dust-dry: After approx. 1 hour. Ready for overcoating after 1 - 2 hours
Dry underfoot after approx. 6 - 8 hours. Fully stress-bearing after drying over night (at least 12 hours) The values above may vary considerably depending on temperature and humidity levels.

Type of application

Can be applied using a brush, roller or spray. Use an artificial bristle brush or short pile roller for application. For spraying, use e.g. the TITAN Powerliner 3500 (nozzle 415, pressure 120 to max. 160 bar).


White approx. RAL 9016. Yellow approx. RAL1023.

Field of application

External and internal

Package size

2.5 l, 5 l

Consumption Calculator

Please fill in the size of area in sqm:
Average coverage per coat:

Please note the specific weight for kg filling. The information on the specific weight can be found in the technical data sheet under "Density". The consumption values are approximate values and may vary depending on the nature of the substrate.