Magnetic Surface

Magnetic Surface


Can be used anywhere inside where a smooth substrate is to become a magnetic board surface. The Magnetic Surface can then be coated with common wall paints and water-based lacquers and colours from the Jansen range or covered by wallpaper. This creates a surface to which magnets will adhere, yet is invisibly integrated into the décor of the room when not in use. This produces presentation areas without tracks or plates. In addition, you can coat over the Magnetic Surface with Jansen Aqua Blackboard Coating or Jansen Aqua 2-Component Whiteboard Paint. This gives a double use. The magnetic surface can then be written on in chalk or with whiteboard pens.

Product properties

Easy, simple and quick adhesion. Smooth surface, can be combined with Jansen Aqua 2-Component Whiteboard Paint or Jansen Aqua Blackboard Coating. The material does not have a screening effect and does not affect mobile phones or WLAN; it is not conductive.

Binder base

Glass fibre mat - back is metallic coated

Degree of gloss



(23 °C 60% rel. humidity)
New coat: after ca. 16-24 hours. Fully dry: after 24 hours.

Field of application


Package size

Roll widths: 0.95 m x 2.6 m, 0.95 m x 5,2 m, 0.95 m x 10,4 m