Aqua 2-Component Whiteboard Paint

Aqua 2-Component Whiteboard Paint


Aqua 2-Component Whiteboard Paint is ideal for creating a presenta-ion area in offices, classrooms, meeting and training rooms. It can also be a helpful addition to private spaces such as kitchens and studies. The Jansen Aqua 2-Component Whiteboard Paint can also be used to repaint boards that need to be refurbished.

Product properties

Unlimited writing, water-based 2-component one-pot system, easy-to-clean wall surface, can be used in conjunction with our Jansen Magnetic Surface (see techn. data sheet), can be written on using Board Marker Edding, Staedler and Legamaster. Please watch the list at page 3 "write on with".

Binder base

Water-based 2-component polyurethane

Degree of gloss

Silk gloss


At 20°C and 65 % relative humidity
Dust-dry: after ca. 4 hours. Coatable again: after ca. 24 hours. Writing: after ca. 3 days, according to humidity and temperature.

Spreading rate

Ca. 100 - 150 g / m² per coat

Type of application

Brushing: Use brush with plastic bristles for painting. Rolling: Use short pile mohair rollers.



Field of application


Package size

Base lacquer 1.96 kg + hardener 400 g