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Zinc Dust Paint

Zinc Dust Paint


Cold zinc application für all bright metals, iron and steel constructions, bodywork, pipes, exhaust pipes, superstructures.

Product properties

Jansen Zinc Dust Paint is fast-drying, weatherproof and heat resistant to 400 ° C and distinguishes itself through an adhesive, good covering long-term protection.

Binder base

Epoxy resin ester

Degree of gloss



(23°C 60 % rel. air humidity)
Dust-dry after 30 minutes; Through-dried overnight.

Spreading rate

Ca. 8-10 m²/l per coat

Type of application

Brush, roller


Dark grey

Field of application

Exterior, interior

Package size

250 ml, 750 ml, 2,5 l

Consumption Calculator

Please fill in the size of area in sqm:
Average coverage per coat:

Please note the specific weight for kg filling. The information on the specific weight can be found in the technical data sheet under "Density". The consumption values are approximate values and may vary depending on the nature of the substrate.