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DB Thick Protective Coat

DB Thick Protective Coat


Can be applied onto galvanised steel parts, zinc (clean according to BFS Data Sheet No. 5), black iron, steel or non-anodized aluminium. In the case of black iron and steel, a priming with Rust Primer is recommended. For coating of galvanised fences, gates, railings, gutters, steel constructions as well as of non-anodized aluminium components such as projecting roofs, hall gates, facade panelling etc.

Product properties

Colour stable, even in chemically aggressive atmospheres, high anti-corrosion protection, coating remains resistant against embrittlement, to be applied in very thick layers, high solids content.

Binder base

PVC-acrylic polymer

Degree of gloss

Silk matt


(23 ° C 60 % rel. air humidity)
Dust-dry: ca. 30 minutes; Touch-dry: ca. 3 hours; Re-coatable: ca. 6 hours; Through-dried: depending on coat thickness ca. 36 hours and more; loadable: after ca. 2 weeks. Low temperatures and / or higher air humidity as well as considerable layer thicknesses delay drying.

Spreading rate

Approx. 250-350 g/m² in order to achieve 80-100 µ dry fil layer.

Type of application

Brush: brush with natural bristles. Roller: use short-pile roller. Spray: Airless: pressure ca. 200 bar
Nozzle: 0,28 – 0,33 mm – 0,011 – 0,013 inch


DB 701, DB 702, DB 703, RAL 9006

Field of application

Exterior, interior

Package size

750 ml, 2,5 l