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Additive A

Additive A


Jansen Additive A can be mixed into Aqua Metal Protection 3 in 1 without iron mica in order to achieve greater stability on the vertical surface during spray application. For adjusting the colour shades with iron mica, please use our additive SRS (consult technical data sheet).

Product properties

Adjusts Aqua Metal Protection 3 in 1 without iron mica for airless application. This reduces the overspray; a higher application efficiency can be achieved and higher layer thicknesses can be applied in one operation. By adding Additive A, up to 350 ml/m² (350 µ) can be applied without running in a single injection.


Due to higher layer thicknesses, a longer drying time can also be expected.

Spreading rate

125 ml Additive A is sufficient for 2.5 l Aqua Metal Protection 3 in 1

Package size

125 ml

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