Single-pot system; ready for use for initial and re-coating of raw, weathered, glazed and colourless coated wood surfaces. Jansen Protect-Gel can be applied to fully dimensionally stable (doors, window frames) and less dimensionally stable timber structures (soffits, facade cladding, wooden ceilings, pergolas, garden sheds, fully timbered houses, balcony cladding, carports, handrails etc.).

Product properties

Jansen Protect-Gel combines the positive characteristics of special oils and thixotropic effects. It is non-drip, penetrates deeply into wood surfaces and can readily be applied to sites above the head. Jansen Protect-Gel provides excellent edge covering. It is solvent-based, open-pored, extremely hard-wearing, block-resistant, weatherproof, biocide-free and provides a high level of protection against UV radiation due to the presence of micronised iron oxide pigments.

Binder base

Alkyd resin, special oils

Degree of gloss

Satin gloss


(23°C at 60 % rel. air humidity) Dust-dry after 5 - 6 hours, ready for overcoating after drying overnight, fully dry after 24 hours.

Spreading rate

Approx. 10 - 12 m²/l per coat depending on substrate

Type of application

Can be applied using a brush, roller or spray.


Colourless (*), Pine, Light Oak, Teak, Walnut, Rosewood.
*The lack of coloured pigments in this product mean that Protect-Gel Colourless
should only be used together with a coloured glaze otherwise no protection against UV radiation will be provided.

The shades White, Old Pine, Ash, Mahogany and Dark Oak
can be specially prepared and supplied by us in response to orders.

Please note it is possible to prepare glazes in all shades on-site using a Jansen paint blender.

Glazes in shades prepared using a paint blender have a best before date of 12 months from date of preparation.

Prior to use, verify shades for accuracy of hue. The intrinsic colouring of the wood surface can influence the shade of the glaze.

Field of application

For external and internal use

Package size

750 ml, 2.5 l, 5 l (available only for Colourless)

Consumption Calculator

Please fill in the size of area in sqm:
Average coverage per coat:

Please note the specific weight for kg filling. The information on the specific weight can be found in the technical data sheet under "Density". The consumption values are approximate values and may vary depending on the nature of the substrate.