Water-based, fast drying repair putty

Water-based, fast drying repair putty


Filling on primed wood (interior), plaster, concrete and primed iron (interior and exterior). As bulk filler and spot filler for small surfaces (for larger surfaces we recommend Jansen Ahrweiler Filler)

Product properties

Water-based, very rapid drying smoother and repair filler, excellent dispersion, inhibits rust, low in harmful substances, dries crack-free up to a wet coating thickness of c. 1000 µ. High coverage. Fine Filler Rapid may be superimposed several times within a short period and is easy to sand.

Binder base

Acrylate dispersion


(23°C 60 % rel. air humidity)
1-2 hours depending on layer thickness. The values can fluctuate considerably in cases of higher air humidity resp. lower temperatures.

Type of application

With every rust-proof spatula knife



Field of application

Exterior, interior

Package size

400 g and 1,3 kg/net tubes
600 g cartouche