Ahrweitex Fast-drying Filler (tube)

Ahrweitex Fast-drying Filler (tube)

Range of uses 

For spotting of small holes and scratches, filling of new wood as well as touching up of scratches on well-primed metal. In case of particularly deep holes, it is more effective to use Jansen 2-Component PE Fine Filler.

Product properties

Fast-drying, good body and high elasticity.

Ahrweitex Fast-drying Filler can be applied several times within a short period, one coat on top of the other. After drying, it can be easily sanded. Ahrweitex Fast-drying Filler distinguishes itself by its white shade. Max. wet-film thickness 1000 µ.

Binder base

Plastic combination


(23 °C 60 % rel. air humidity)

With water-dilutable paints as well as synthetic resin paints, re-coatable after 3 - 4 hours (depending on layer thickness). With nitrocellulose, combination and spray-can paints, a final through-hardening of the filler (ca. 12 hours depending on the layer thickness) must be waited for.

Type of application

With every spatula knife



Field of application

Exterior , interior

Package size

Tubes: 125 g, 250 g