Ahrweitex Fast-drying Filler (tube)

Ahrweitex Fast-drying Filler (tube)


For spotting of small holes and scratches, filling of new wood (interior) as well as touching up of scratches on well-primed metal. In case of particularly deep holes, it is more effective to use Jansen 2-Component PE Fine Filler.

Product properties

Solvent-based and rapid-drying smoother and repair filler. Ahrweitex Fast-drying Filler can be applied several times within a short period, one coat on top of the other. After drying, it can be easily sanded. Ahrweitex Fast-drying Filler distinguishes itself by its white shade. Max. wet-film thickness 800 µ.

Binder base

Plastic combination


(23 °C 60 % rel. air humidity)
With water-dilutable paints as well as synthetic resin paints, re-coatable after 3 - 4 hours (depending on layer thickness). With nitrocellulose, combination and spray-can paints, a final through-hardening of the filler (ca. 12 hours depending on the layer thickness) must be waited for.

Type of application

With every spatula knife



Field of application

Exterior, interior

Package size

Tubes: 125 g, 250 g