Ultra-RS Renovation filler

Ultra-RS Renovation filler


Good filling capacity, easy to draw out renovation filler. Resistant to shrinking and cracking up to 1 cm coating thickness. Deeper holes may be refilled after ca. 30 minutes. Ultra-RS has a good spreading rate and is thus economical due to its low specific weight.

Product properties

Interior. Jansen Ultra RS is an extremely light filler for repairing holes, cracks, flaws and damaged areas. Easy to use since the material is supplied ready for use. The pasty viscosity enables non-drip and thick coat application. Suited for filling and smoothing damaged areas (dowel holes, breakouts etc.) in ceilings and walls made of gas concrete, gypsum board, wood, gypsum, plaster, brickwork and concrete. Ultra RS is also ideally used in model making due to its light weight. Not suited for use on metal or plastic surfaces.

Binder base

Acrylic dispersion


(23°C 60% rel. humidity)
Layer thicknesses of up to 1 cm may be coated over after ca. 60 minutes; coating thicknesses > 1 cm after 3 hours. Ultra-RS is fully hardened after drying overnight. Values may vary considerably at higher humidity or lower temperatures.

Type of application

With any rust-free stopping knife



Field of application


Package size

1 l