2-Component PE Fine Filler SR

2-Component PE Fine Filler SR


Automobile repairs, carpentry, furniture industry, painting and varnishing. When applying filler to wood outdoors, swelling and shrinking of the wood may in principle lead to flaking. Also refer to Data sheet no. 18 of the Bundesausschuss Farbe und Sachwertschutz (BFS), Frankfurt [German Federal Commission for protection of paint and material assets].

Product properties

Elastic 2-component PE fine filler SR. Easy to draw out, good filling capacity, fine, easily sanded.

Binder base

Unsaturated polyester resins


(23°C, 60% rel. humidity)
Re-coatable after 20 to 25 minutes


Material base: white – Hardener: white

Package size

250 g - including hardener 8 g (white) - Combi pack -
500 g - including hardener 12 g (white) - Combi pack -
1 kg - including hardener 25 g (white) - Combi pack -
1,5 kg - including hardener 50 g (white) - Combi pack -