Swimming Pool Coating

Swimming Pool Coating


Protective and decorative coating for all substrates such as concrete, brickwork, mineral-structure element slabs in swimming pools, paddling pools, fish ponds, decorative ponds, fountain basins, filter and pump plants. Not suitable for application on glass-fibre reinforced and foil pools.

Product properties

Resistant against ozonized and chlorinated water, limited resistance against acids and lyes, at low concentration against salt solutions and minerals. Easy to clean. Not resistant against animal and vege-table fats and may not be applied as marine paint. Static cracks are not bridged.
Be careful! Sun creams can contain ingredients which can make the coating soft as a result of frequent contact. The result of this: the coating can stain swimwear.

Binder base

Chlorinated rubber

Degree of gloss

Silk gloss


(23°C 60 % rel. air humidity)
Dust-dry after 1-2 hours; Re-coatable after 24 hours.

Spreading rate

Ca. 3-7 m²/l per coat

Type of application

Brush: Use brush with natural bristles. Roller: Use short-pile roller. The coating only dries physically meaning that every further coating initiates the dissolution of the previous on. Smooth rapidly!


White, Manganese blue, Sea green

Field of application


Package size

750 ml, 2,5 l, 10 l (white in 10 l not available)

Consumption Calculator

Please fill in the size of area in sqm:
Average coverage per coat:

Please note the specific weight for kg filling. The information on the specific weight can be found in the technical data sheet under "Density". The consumption values are approximate values and may vary depending on the nature of the substrate.