Aqua 2-component floor sealer

Aqua 2-component floor sealer


Interior: for floor coatings in the private, commercial and industrial environment, for instance garage floors, hobby rooms and basements, warehouses etc.

Product properties

Low odour. The coatings are very hard wearing and “resistant to forklift traffic”. Withstanding petrol, engine oil and road salt. Floors sealed with Aqua 2-component floor sealer distinguish themselves through their properties below:

. Improved resistance of industrial floors to mechanical stress
. Prevention of ingress of oils, greases and other dirt into the substrate
. Reduced dust caused by abrasion
. No softening under heat stress
. Easy to clean and maintain
. Improved appearance and colour
. Resistant to certain components in tyres, due to chemical cross-linking
. Slip resistance class 11 is achieved by adding Additive R (see Technical Manual).

Routes travelled by conventional pallet trucks (steel rollers). Due to the intensive stress, special coatings or coatings with reaction resins which relieve the adhesion zone to thereby better resist mechanical “kneading” are required here.

*Epoxy coatings tend to chalk and exhibit a slight change of hue on the outside.

Binder base

Water-emulsified 2-component epoxy resin (contains no organic solvents).

Degree of gloss



At +20 °C, light mechanical stress is permissible after 1 to 2 days. The surface can withstand full stress after 7 days.

Spreading rate

Ca. 4,5 – 5,5 m²/ kg per coat, i.e. 180 - 220 g / m². Exceeding this quantity will affect chemical reactions and cause differences in gloss.

Type of application

Aqua 2-component floor sealer may be brushed on or applied by roller. Use plastic brushes and short pile rollers.


Standard shades: Pebble grey, RAL 7032; Stone grey, RAL 7030, White

Colouration can be adjusted to numerous different colour tones by addition of a maximum of 5% colour concentrate or with the help of the Jansen MIX System.

Partial quantities cannot be decanted if hues were obtained through the Jansen mixing system. Admixing the paste will increase the mass of the master batch, leaving too little hardener for a second partial mix.

Please not: this transparent undercoat cannot be used as a transparent coating.

Field of application

Interior and Exterior (limited)

Package size

5 kg, 10 kg (in RAL 7030 and RAL 7032 only), repair set 500 g (in RAL 7030 and 7032 only)