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What goes round comes round. Always test the spraying equipment by pumping water through it.

What goes round comes round. Always test the spraying equipment by pumping water through it.

What has always been true to application by brush also applies of course to spraying equipment: In addition to raising the durability of brushes and equipment, clean working tools will also ensure quality of work. The sometimes-enormous amount of time to be scheduled in for cleaning of equipment may in part be set off against the efficiency achieved using this technology. The crux of the matter: Superficial or careless cleaning after completion of a project will demand direct additional time in the next project.

Care should also be taken between individual applications using different products that no undesirable residues remain in the equipment. Priming lacquer (anionic) and top coat (cationic) may, for instance, react. Even the slightest amount of dirt may cause problems during application, ultimately leading to visible changes of the surface that will require elaborate reworking.

Application tip:

Always test your spraying equipment by pumping water through it before filling with paint. This test allows you to easily and reliably assess the spraying pattern and condition of the equipment before the next work step.

Simple removal of dirt and lacquer residues – SR-Plus Special Cleaner

Spray guns, nozzles and metal components of a spray gun may be effortlessly cleaned using SR-Plus. Even dried lacquers may be effortlessly removed from spray guns.

Protecting airless spraying equipment by corresponding preservation – Spraying Equipment Cleaner

For cleaning spraying equipment before and after spraying or when changing colours when using water-based paints and spraying materials. The spraying equipment cleaner will thoroughly dissolve paint and lacquer residues in your equipment to thereby ensure highly reliable application in every work step.