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Traditional coating on site. A well-matched system is essential.

Traditional coating on site. A well-matched system is essential.

We will time and again find installed components that can neither be dismantled nor sprayed on site. Traditional coating will remain indispensable in daily work, even in the longer term.

This is where the 5S range can offer optimally matching systems of undercoat and top coat. Both have insulating properties to block the penetration of accidental soiling, often accumulating in especially organic substrates. They exhibit excellent flow to ensure top quality surfaces. They are also quick drying and boast a stable gloss. 

The brush is decisive

No matter how perfect a lacquer may be constituted – the working tools will be the decisive factor in the success of an application, especially in the case of water-based lacquers.

A brush with synthetic bristles, ideally also split at the ends, will achieve one of the finest coating effects. To achieve the same results on larger areas, we recommend using rollers designed specifically to prevent foaming in use.

For optimal preparation for subsequent working steps – ISO painter’s lacquer undercoat 

ISO painter’s lacquer undercoat is recommended when applications demand good filling properties. It can offer perfect flow, is quick drying and odourless. A first coat with the water soluble ISO painter’s lacquer undercoat will ensure good filling of the substrate and optimal preparation of surfaces for subsequent applications.

For immaculate results use ISO-TLR Door Lacquer Rapid

Its outstanding processing properties render ISO-TLR Door Lacquer Rapid the ideal solution to door varnishing. This door lacquer offers excellent flow, dries quickly, offers good insulating properties and creates robust, scratch and abrasion resistant surfaces.