Aqua Tin Roof Paint

Aqua Tin Roof Paint


As new or renovating coatings on iron, steel, zinc sheet, galvanised iron, lead and non-anodised aluminium substrates.

Product properties

Odour-neutral, highly abrasion resistant, impact and shock resistant, extremely resilient (200%), waterproof and resistant against many chemicals.Exempt from identification marking.

Binder base

Acrylic co-polymer

Degree of gloss



(23° C 60% rel. humidity)
Dust-dry: after 90 minutes; May be painted over: after 24 hours; Fully dry: after 2 weeks. The values may vary considerably, depending on temperature and humidity. The formation of a film may be impaired at temperatures below +7°C and humidity above 80%.

Spreading rate

Brush / roller: 200 – 300 g/m ²/ layer = 150 – 225 ml/m²/layer. Airless: 300 – 500 g/m ²/ layer = 225 – 375 ml/m²/layer. 800 g/m² = 600 ml/m² is necessary for optimal metal protection.

Type of application

Brushing: Use a brush with natural bristles. Rolling: Use a long pile roller. Work swiftly. Avoid re-starting. Do not spread too thin. Spraying: Apply undiluted, if possible. Max. 2% water.


Grey-white RAL 9002, English red, Berchtesgaden green and Pebble grey RAL 7032. No stock goods. Customized designs starting from 300 litres.

Field of application


Package size

15 l