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Perfection across the board. Superior quality and durable results.

Perfection across the board. Superior quality and durable results.

Wherever spraying is possible, clear advantages will be achievable, seen from the point of view of both painter and customer.

In addition to significantly thicker coatings achievable per application by spraying, spraying will also produce clearly superior overall surface qualities. The associated durability of results is also a central argument in favour of this technology.

The priming lacquer in the 5S range has good filling properties and offers optimal preparation for the top coat. Like their brushing qualities, both have insulating properties and will reliably retain water soluble ingredients in the substrate.

The spraying qualities are meticulously harmonised in terms of gloss level and colour shade. The 5S range thus, as a first, offers two products that will achieve absolutely identical results in terms of decisive visual dimensions yet using two technologies – thus meeting efficient work planning and also satisfying customers’ demands on appearance.

For optimal preparation for subsequent working steps – ISO Painter’s Undercoat Airless

Airless quality ready for application. Achieves wet coat thickness up to 500 mµ.

For immaculate results - ISO-TLR Door Lacquer Rapid Airless

Airless quality ready for application. Please ensure adequate ventilation during spraying. Higher humidity may extend drying time and compromise flow and insulation.