5S is a full package that will optimise every single step of the application.

5S is a full package that will optimise every single step of the application.

The higher the demand, the more complex the planning of each individual work step and the compilation of required materials will be. The choice of the most suitable methods of working will be an important parameter to ensure effective processes and perfect results. As is often the case, the devil is in the detail: The economic viability of spraying is beyond dispute in the case of, for instance, door coatings. Avoiding different shades of colour and degrees of gloss compared to the painted door frame is just as crucial.

Because we recognised this problem, our 5S range offers professional users a full package that will optimise each individual step of an application across all its associated processes, to thereby significantly simplify the planning of orders.

Filling, brushing, spraying, cleaning and training

The 5S range shows that complexities are quite simple to resolve, provided individual products are optimally harmonised and adjusted. We are now finally in a position where we can safely ignore unexpected interaction of materials to once again concentrate fully on our actual task, namely the professional execution of our actual work. From filler to top coat and from substrate preparation to professional final coating - the 5S range will create the basis for a clean result even beyond this: We will use special cleaners to quickly and easily remove interfering residues from working tools between applications.

The Jansen Campus

The fifth component of the 5S range is the basic building block of our Jansen Campus. No product in the world will autonomously process itself and assume responsibility for its professional application. The objective of our comprehensive workshop, training and future days programme is dialogue. Tailored to satisfy the specific requirements. From training level and up to master level.